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This beach in the Aitutaki lagoon (Cook islands) is my favorite so far!
There are no buildings, beach beds or whatever on this tiny beach.
It is easily accesible by boat from the bigger island Aitutaki.
I really hope to get back there someday.

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Leleuvia Island, Fiji

beach leleuvia island

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Best beach of Germany, with a lot of nudebeaches widly scattered at the coast.
Thousands of nudebeach fans are choosing this spot to have a good time and do a lot of sports.
I took this picture in winter, so it was a little bit too cold to go swimming………..

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Pulau Rawa, Malaysia

Pulau Rawa is the ideal place for chilling out at the beach. There is nothing much else you can do here anyway.
The whole island is pretty small and besides the beach and a small hill which you can climb, that’s basically it.
The sand is very soft and fine, the waters are clear and full of fish schools. It’s very shallow with calm waves and only a limited amount of people is allowed at any time on the island. There are only 2 small resorts which serve basic Malayan cuisine and plenty of seafood of course. It’s relaxing for a weekend, play around in the water, dive, snorkel, kayak, get a tan and recharge your batteries. If everything is too much for you – this is the place to let it all go. ;-)

Bantayan is a small island just north-west of Cebu. It features powdery white sand, crystal clear waters and a community-kind of living. The whole island isn’t very well developed and you can almost enjoy a Robinson Crusoe feeling. There are hang mats between the coconut palm trees along the beach and travelers usually stay in bamboo-style beach huts.
There are several restaurants and other entertainment options on the island, but the sand and waters around are clearly the main attractions.

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